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      The town of Smithville, Missouri was founded in 1822 by Humphrey Smith.
Mr. Smith had first explored the area as early as 1816 while living in Central
Missouri. He traveled with his wife and seven children from New York to
Missouri after selling his mill to Mr. Griffen of Buffalo. He settled with his
family on the banks of the river which he named Smith’s Fork of the
Little Platte River.
      In 1824, Mr. Smith built his new mill in a “Corn Cracker” style and later added
a bolting apparatus. At the time, this mill was said to be the first flouring mill
in Clay County, Missouri. The Smith Family also ran a general store at the
corner of the downtown area now known as Main and Commercial Streets.
Humphrey Smith, also known as “Yankee Smith”, was a staunch abolitionist
and often got into arguments with neighbors and even his customers on the
discussion of slavery.
      Humphrey Smith was a veteran of the War of 1812 and had many strong
connections to the U. S. Federal Government. Mr. Smith was very instrumental
in the construction of the 1823 Military Trail which stretched from Liberty Landing on the Missouri River through Smithville and all the way to Council Bluffs and Fort Atkinson, Nebraska. Smithville became a resort for wagon masters, contractors, traders, trappers and immigrants. Smith’s Mill outfitted all the materials, supplies, tools and food needed for travel on the rugged trail.
Mr. Smith also had a great recipe for corn whiskey passed down from his father
Abraham Smith and his Grandfather Schmidt of Germany. When the family
came to America, the Schmidt Family name changed to the Smith Family name.
Humphrey Smith died in 1857 at the age of 83. His request to his family was to
“Never let the man stealers know where I am buried until my state is free, then
write my epitaph”. The following was etched on the gravestone of
Humphrey Smith located at Smith’s Cemetery in Smithville, Missouri:
“Here lies Humphrey Smith who was in favor of human rights, universal liberty,
equal and exact justice, no union with slave holders, free states, free people,
union of states and one and universal republic”.

Jenna S
Jenna S
Went for the music. Good was good, we sat at the bar because it was so packed, but the bartenders were awesome. Stayed late and had a lot of fun with complete strangers. Good atmosphere!!
leeah shipley
leeah shipley
Everything I have tried on this menu has been amazing. Highly suggest giving this place a try!
Food was very good.
Terry Swaney
Terry Swaney
Did not eat just there to watch Chiefs game. Great atmosphere though.
Reid Filardi
Reid Filardi
The food here is amazing. It’s always amazing. The 2-3 years I have lived in Smithville, I have never had a bad meal here. You can see an item on the menu that your a little iffy about (for me it was the Hamburger with Peanut butter.) Order it! It will taste amazing! 🤤
patty hart
patty hart
Food cold. Beer also COLD! YEA!